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OC Plumbing and Restoration is a Plumbing & Water Damage Restoration is a family owned and operated contractor in Orange County, CA

our company was established in 2016 and since then
has been striving to be the best in OC!
our goal is to be the plumbing company you can trust, 
that you can refer and say good things about, even weeks after the job was done.

We never had a job that we couldn't do, so you can rely on our teamwork to solve any plumbing 
or water damage issues that you have.

we will communicate with you throughout the entire process, go over details and educate you
so you can make the right decisions for your plumbing repairs.


Respect is HUGE for us and our team ,
whether it's a new technician in the field or the owner of the company.
if we understand each other, we can better respect one another.


and because respect is really important to us, that
same respect gets passed on to our customers.

Dependability and honesty in this type of business are 2 of the most crucial things a Plumbing company in orange county can have.

each minute of a water pipe leak can cause more and more damage to the structure of your home.
you can Depend on OC Plumbing & Restoration to give you an honest time of arrival,
and provide you with the best plumbing service and the best price for anything plumbing and restoration related.

So if you're looking for a local plumber in orange county don't hesitate to call us.



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