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Kitchen Remodeling in OC

Kitchens are one of the best spaces in the house, Deciding what food to make, what wine to drink, what movie to watch, what food are we going to make for the kids so they have once they're back from school.

the first place we go to when we wake up, the first place we go to when we come back from work or school and the last place we visit before going to bed.

everything happens in our kitchens, therefore it's important to have a really nice layout, style and functionality to your kitchen.

Adding uniqueness to this equation can add value and really set your home apart.

OC Plumbing & Restoration can help you with semi or complete Kitchen and bathroom remodeling, rerouting your existing plumbing and offering you a better and more functionality out of your kitchen.

now that you know why you should remodel your kitchen let's talk about why hire us?
when designing a kitchen there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, from the cabinets to size of your appliances and even counter tops style and materials. 

every home is different, meaning that no 2 kitchen remodels will look a like which is why the guidance and valuable info of our kitchen remodeling professionals is a huge help to effectively design and plan the remodel of your kitchen.

besides the fact that everything needs to complement each other, we also strive to use the most space out of the room and come up with the best functionality.

Since remodeling a kitchen is not something that you do often it's important to think a head such as "what if my family grows and i need more electrical outlets and another sink, maybe an island too etc...."
thinking ahead can prevent future expenses and complications.
Another important factor about a kitchen remodel is that if you hire a professional company like us to design and customize your kitchen with style and luxury, you get to enjoy the kitchen and when it comes time to sell your home you don't really lose anything since you've added value to your home.


OC Plumbing and Restoration doesn't just build a kitchen we build a kitchen to impress!

if you went through a disaster such as a fire, it is really difficult to deal with it, whether its flood from a kitchen pipe backup or a fire from the stove, we can help you get back on track in the best way possible.

we will file the insurance claim for you and walk you through the entire process.

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