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Drain Cleaning | Orange County, CA | OC Plumbers


How do i know if i need my drains cleaned?

When drains are clogged it means that the wastewater has nowhere to go, and that can be frustrating.
at Orange County Plumbing and Restoration each of our trucks are equipped with small, medium and large cables to snake a small kitchen sink or a large mainline drain.

you may noticed a few signs such as slow moving water, lack of pressure or a foul smell in your drains.
we don't recommend doing it yourself because the drain cleaners you buy at the store have harsh chemicals that leave a residue along the inner lining of your plumbing pipes.

so for the short run it may unclog your drain but for the long run it may do more damage.
we recommend to install screens at your sinks to try and prevent clogged drains. 
At OC Plumbing & Restoration we provide professional drain cleaning in orange county.

Yard drains are there to remove and reroute rainwater or any water that accumulates next to your home or building.
if not then water can damage the foundation of your home.

if you don't have an existing yard drain or whether you need to clean a clogged drain or repair it we would be happy to assist you with that.

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