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Orange County Leak Detection


Think you have a water leak in your home or business?
if we can recommend only one thing it would be "to not let a water leak go untaken care of..."

Leaks are prone to happen at anytime and anywhere and because of this, it makes it more difficult to find the leak.
we have to remember that the longer the leak keeps going the more damage it can do.
Lets learn a little about slab leaks so it's easier to choose a repair option when the time comes.

Most homes and commercial properties in Southern California use a slab as a foundation, it is leveled with the ground or soil and the pipes and drain run mostly underneath the slab or inside the slab foundation.

Most metals corrode and even copper pipes develop pinhole leaks.
Earthquakes in California do not help a lot since the soil moves it puts more pressure on the pipes and can cause pipe leak in your slab foundation.

An indoor water leak behind the walls can be noticed by the moisture it causes in the walls or ceilings.
But slab leaks don't show any visible signs until it's too late, these types of leaks are no fun and while you cant see the leak, it's still doing its damage.

if you notice your water bill higher than usual or your water meter spinning while all the water is off at your home, there is a good chance that you have a slab leak.
If its a hot water line you can sometimes feel the floor a little warmer where the leak is at, and our staff uses state of the art infrared equipment to locate the leak with the least possible damage, at times we can come up with a better solution to reroute the plumbing pipes and cancel the ones under the slab to avoid future problems.
Leaks can happen from burst pipes, hitting a pipe by accident while hanging things on the wall, breaking concrete slabs can cause damage to underground pipes as well.
sometimes trying to use chemical drain cleaning solutions, can damage the pipes and make them weaker.

at OCPR we provide you with Top Quality plumbers in Orange County and the best equipment to find the leak with the least damage possible.
we often use cameras for inspection behind the wall, sometimes we have to use meters and dig in order to find and repair the leak, we then repair it and can also do the restoration work as well.



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