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Q: How long will it take to dry up the damaged areas in my property?
A:Our Mission is to dry up your residential or commercial property with in 3-4 days, some properties depending and the amount of damage or saturation may require longer times.

Q:I have water damage or plumbing issues, should i notify my insurance company and file a claim?
A:If its a small leak and you caught it in time we don't filing a claim because then you have to pay your deductible which will cost more than having OC Plumbing & Restoration fix it for you.
If its a big water damage or plumbing issue then yes we recommend to file a claim so they can take pay for it.
Yes we work with most insurance companies!

Q:If i file a claim will my insurance policy go up?
A:Usually no and even it if does, it just goes up by a little.

Q:Does the drying procedure create dust?
A:The demolition of affected areas does indeed create dust, but you shouldn't worry because we build containment's and dust barriers to keep as much dust away from the rest of your property.

Q:What do i do when i find a leak or water damage?
A:First thing to do is call OC Plumbing and restoration and explain that its an emergency, we will dispatch a crew asap to your location and then you can start removing valuables from that room.

Q:How long does it take for you to arrive?
A: were located in orange CA, so were right in the middle of orange county and can get to you within 30-40 minutes.

Q:Is it safe to stay at home during the drying procedure?
A:If we find microbial growth we recommend to vacate the property, especially since your insurance covers it.
if its a small job you can stay at home during the drying procedure.

Q:Who communicates with my insurance regarding water damage restoration?
A:We will communicate with your insurance adjuster throughout the process of restoration.
even when it comes to payment we use special software that all insurance companies work with. 

Q:Who will do the repairs after water damage?
A:We are a fully licensed general contractor and can repair anything from drywall, plumbing, electrical, and specialize in full kitchen and bathroom remodels!

Q:What if it was a sewer line backup? whats salvageable?
A:If its Black water (sewage line water) we don't recommend to salvage any items that the water touched, its unhealthy and dangerous.



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