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Toilet Repair in Orange County

Toilet Installation OC

When it comes to installing a toilet, at OC Plumbing & Restoration we recommend calling us for inspection and to go over what size toilet to get, such as dimensions and color.
with so many different styles it may get confusing and our plumbing technicians can assist you with choosing the right toilet for you.

We can show you a catalog with hundreds of toilets to choose from and install them for you, or we would be happy to install a toilet that you've already purchased.



Bathroom Toilet


At Orange County Plumbing we know that sometimes it can be annoying to have to listen to a leaky toilet, a good portion of the times we can repair your toilet however if its a hairline crack in the toilet then the toilet should be replaced.

a toilet with a crack in it can get very messy to deal with and you need a professional plumber to repair or install a new toilet.
were located in the heart of OC and we're here to assist you with any plumbing needs.

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