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Best Plumbing Tips 2019!

This Blog was written to help most of you prevent water damage or plumbing issues before they start. If you're hearing water dripping noise, noticing your drain is clogged, a leaking toilet or low water pressure. The first thing OC Plumbing & Restoration can suggest is don't try and fix it yourself, you don't need to be a rocket scientist, however you do need to do the job the correct way. if you don't do it the right way from the beginning then you're going to have to redo it again, in the meantime your walls got saturated with water, your wood floors and cabinets as well. so its better to call a professional plumber in orange county to assist you with your plumbing needs. You don't want to turn a basic plumbing job into an emergency plumbing and water damage job that can cost you a hefty price to repair.

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2. when you move to a new home it's important to locate where your main water shut off valve is. if a pipe burst in your home, each minute can save you thousands of dollars in water damage to your property, so its best to know where your main shut off valve is. usual locations are: in the backyard or alongside your home. if its an apartment the location of the main shut off valve may vary. another quick tip is to located your main cleanouts, incase you would like to prevent clogged drains in the future. 3. if you're digging for sprinklers and drains outside your house or hammering nails into the wall inside the house always make sure first that there are no existing pipes hidden behind or underneath. one way to check is by using a metal/stud finder to guide you, or to buy a special endoscopic camera to show you more clearly behind the walls or underground. 4. Don't throw trash into the garbage disposal, if its small food debris its ok but if its lots of vegetable peels, coffee beans or greasy foods don't throw it into your garbage disposer. 5. If you notice a leak somewhere, don't just let it be because its money going down your drain. sometimes tightening fittings will help fix it just make sure you never over tighten the pipe fittings.

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