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Should i go with a Tankless water heater? and if so what size?

ok so you've decided to save energy and go with a new tankless water heater, lets first determine what kind of unit do you need and more important what size of a unit? if you have a big family and install too small of a tankless water heater, you won't have enough hot water per demand. and if you install a too big of a tankless water heater you will be paying too much for the unit and too much to operate it. there are 2 ways to determine what size tankless water heater you may need. 1. Flow Rate The flow rate measures in Gallons per minute, a washing machine will need 2 Gallons per minute, a faucet will need 1 gallon per minute. a smaller unit will limit you to 1 or 2 hot water activities at a time, so you have to take that into consideration. 2.Temperature rise Temperature rise is how hot the water going into the tankless water heater and how hot it needs to come out. since were in california the ground water isn't too cold and the temperature rise that we need isn't as drastic as colder states such as idaho or new york. if you're looking for a local plumber in orange county CA to install a water heater, we can stop by for an estimate. OC Plumbing & Restoration can help you determine which tankless water heater is the right one for you and your family. that way you don't overpay for the unit, and you get the right one for your needs. we are fully licensed and insured for the job, our technicians are certified, background checked and drug tested so you can rest assured.

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