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Most Common Plumbing Issues In The Bathroom

In this blog Orange County Plumbing & Restoration would like to go over the most common plumbing problems that you may experience in your bathroom. One of the most common plumbing problem in the bathroom is a leaky or running toilet, most of the time it comes from the flapper not sealing properly and therefor causing water to keep bypassing it and running through. another reason that your toilet may leak is if the water level float is raised too high. if you checked and you don't have these issues, yet your toilet is still leaking please give orange county plumbing & restoration a call and we will be happy to swing by and take a look at it. Another common bathroom plumbing issue is sewer smell. no one likes their bathroom smelling like sewer. first thing we need to check is if the water is draining slow or backing up...if that's the case we know that they may need drain cleaning. if you're located in orange county and have any of those issues, we will be happy to assist you with it

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