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What is Repipe? and how do i know if i need to do it? advice from the plumbing pros in OC

Repipe is a Plumbing term used when talking about replacing the current plumbing pipes to your home or business.

In Orange County, some older homes had galvanized metal pipes used for plumbing. which worked at first but after a few years rust starts to form on the inside of the galvanized metal pipes, then it starts restricting the flow of water and the pipes break causing damage. once the pipes break it's not worth fixing just that one spot, because it can be another few days or few months and a different pipe will burst due to all the rust that accumulated inside the pipes. Orange County plumbing companies such as OC Plumbing & Restoration recommend to Repipe your house with PEX or copper pipes. copper pipes or plastic pipes such as PEX can not accumulate rust and have a little more flex

therefor are a lot less prone to burst pipes as the years pass. in orange county the weather is fairly nice throughout the year so we don't have to worry too much about our plumbing pipes freezing and cracking. but it DOES NOT mean that we don't need to check our plumbing pipes as well. one way to check if you have a slab leak or behind the wall leak is to shut off all the water faucets and toilets and see if your meter is still running. Last year we had a customer that did not know he had a slab leak until his water bill arrived which was almost $900, not enough that but the sand and dirt under the slab got so saturated that we advised him to call someone that can fill in some dirt underneath or the slab might break when he loads weight on it such as his car or shelves in the garage. we hope you never need a plumber, but if you're in orange county and in need of a plumber we would be happy to assist you with your plumbing needs.

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