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Sewage Backup

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Sewage backup is one of the most feared issue a home owner can have, especially if it involves human waste. Most of the bigger plumbing issues are also easy to avoid, but in order to know how to avoid it, let's learn why they happen and what causes is in the first place. Main cause number 1 is tree roots: Trees need water and moisture to grow, if we come across a drought especially since we're in southern California the trees will start looking for water anywhere they can and one of a good source of water is your sewage lines. Once that happens the sewer line will start getting clogged and eventually not function anymore. Main reason number 2 is Clogs: Some of our technicians have been plumbers for 3 years and some for 14 years, yet we all have something in common and that is getting surprised over and over on the things people flush down the toilet. Anything from rubber ducks, goldfish, paper towels and regular towels, wet wipes not suitable to be flushed etc... If you noticed just one of your fixtures clogged that's not a big issue since we can unclog just that one line, however if you notice that multiple fixtures are backing up and clogged that's a bigger issue because it's your main line. If you need a plumber in orange county or a looking for a plumbing company in OC that you can trust, don't hesitate to call us, let us deal with the dirty work.

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